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Weight Shedding Tips

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You have to really want to shed weight, for yourself. You won't be able to do it for anyone else. Make a decision that you are going to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Dieting is not just about losing weight. No diet will ever work unless it is a mental process. The way we treat our bodies is the way they are going to treat us.

Don't think of it as dieting, rather as learning a new healthy lifestyle.

Post two photos on your fridge or food cupboard; one how you looked before the weight and the second a recent one.

If you think you can you will. If you think you can't, you won't.

As soon as you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror. Imagine yourself slender. This will help you eat right so that you will become slender. Then one day when you look in the mirror, you will be slender.

Then forget all of the above. Eat when you are hungry. Make more sensilble healthier choices more often but do not label any food as bad or forbidden. See food as a pleasant experience and fuel rather than reward and punishment. Stop obsessing about your diet and start getting on with lifing your life. In the end this last paragraph is the only one that has worked long term for me.

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