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Getting Started Shedding Weight

Weight and Me / Getting Started Shedding Weight / Weight Shedding Tips

The first thing everyone who has an eating problem should do is go to the doctor. Rule out any digestive disorders before making any changes in your change in diet or eating habits. You can then begin to change your lifestyle for the better

Develop a clear vision of what your aiming for. for a few minutes each day close your eyes and visualize yourself at the weight you want to be. Use all of your senses. The more detail you can put into the visualization the more powerfull it will be.

Keep records - Weight, inches, it doesn't matter which but you need a yardstick by which to measure your progress. Write down everything you eat, and why, how you felt at the time you ate, this will allow you to gain insight into your eating patterns. Record any exercise you do and how you felt afterwards.

If you have a bad day don't worry, slip backs are a natural part of the weight elimination process. Do not let minor slips be excuses to binge. Remember you can start again any time. And if you do binge, forgive yourself, try to identify why you binged, use it as a learning process, pick yourself up and start again in the morning just a little wiser.

And then when your ready discard all of the above. Here I am 12 years later still fat, but substantially less weight than when all that was written. About 6 stone less weight. And in the end all of the above didn't help. All they did was keep me focussed on food and my eating, and being focussed on food I was more likely to eat.

What worked for me in the end was letting go of my obsession with my diet. Making more sensible choices when food shopping. Allowing myself the freedom to eat anything I wanted whenever I wanted. So when I wanted a little icecream I might have a small bowl rather than guiltily eating the whole tub.

I still have a long way to go but I figure I have the rest of my life to do it so I will continue with the pattern that works for me.

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