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Weight and Me

Weight and Me / Getting Started shedding Weight / Weight Shedding Tips

From a very early age I had a relationship with food that had very little to do with hunger and nutrition. I was unable to cope with emotions, and used food as my major coping mechanism. I still eat emotionally at times but now I am more likely to eat because I am hungry or because I see something I like.

I have finally let go of my obsession with, food, diet, measuring and my weight. In the process I gradually shed 6 stones. I am still a good 7 stones above what is my ideal weight and one day more may slip off but until it does I won't obsess about it.

I shall carry on making reasonably sensible food choices but making no foods forbidden or denied. Food is now a pleasure and a fuel rather than an obsession and I shall keep it that way.

These weight pages were full of hints and tips I had picked up over the years about weight reduction, many from the internet, some suggestions for getting started and the food diary that I kept sporadically. For legacy reasons and so that I can look back and see how far I have come most of that remains but it is no longer as relevant to me.

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