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Unicorn Muse

Unicorn Muse

This page is where I will put any images, writings or poetry that I create inspired by Unicorns.

I am Unicorn

I tremble at her feet but call her equal
Cut to the core by the brilliance of her central lance
That spiral majestic arbiter of truth

Breathless at the vision of cruel beauty
Taunting with perfection always out of reach
Not for the virgins touch this ethereal creature

But here for one who tempered by the fire,
Of pain, and suffering. Called out, "I will survive"
and walking tall emerged with caring nature.

In my mind I feel the tendrils of her being
Reaching deep around my heart our souls entwine.
Even as she fades away, we are one creature.

I am the truth that shines through,
I am the innocence born of experience
Deep in my heart I am unicorn

© SpiritWings 2016

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