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Crystal Use and Properies

On the rare occassions that I work with crystals nowadays I use amethyst or clear quarts. However I am keeping this information here as it may be useful for others.

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Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate
lapiz lazuli
Lapiz Lazuli
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Amazonite has been used in calming the nervous system and providing relief from emotional disturbances. For balancing female hormonal fluctuations, pre-menstrual tension, flooding and hot flushes. it has been used for working with the throat chakra, clear thinking and expressing oneself. In meditation its is used to quiet and access the deepest self.

Amber has been used in treating a range of health conditions including rheumatism, intestinal disorders, earache, bladder infections, relaxing the nerves and bone-marrow deficiencies. It is believed to be especially effective for throat infections and blockages. It absorbs negative energies and hence helps the body in healing itself as well as helping to lift depression and suicidal tendencies.

Aventurine is used for helping to relieve migraine attacks and for soothing sore eyes. For promoting restful and refreshing sleep. This peaceful stone is the gemstone that I gave to my children to carry when they faced troublesome times or experiences

Amethyst is my favourite stone. I resonate with the vibrations of amethyst at all levels of my being. Sleeping with a piece of amethyst under your pillow will brings intuitive dreams and inspired thoughts. It soothes and calms the mind, raises a persons spirits, increases their level of intuitive awareness and protects them from negative vibrations. On a spiritual plane Amethyst is particularly usefull for meditation. On a physical level I use amethyst to protect my computer.

Angelite has been used by mant people to promote angelic contact. Also to facilitate telepathic communication, between people who are seperate each holding an Angelite stone

Known as the stone of the sea, aquamarine is used too cool fiery and painful emotions. Also to sharpens intuition so that a person can better understand what they're feeling.

A very calming stone, Blue Lace Agate is excellent for meditation and reducing stress levels. It is also used to reduce infections, inflammations and fevers. It is used to open the throat chakra.

Calcite comes in a variety of colours including pink, orange, golden and green. It is an energy amplifier and helps one to remember information. Green Calcite provides a sense of security.As such it eases transitions between what was and what is yet to come. It is also used to eliminate infections and boost the immune system. Orange or peach Calcite creates harmony between the mind, the heart and the body and is excellent for personal meditation.

Charoite is used for releasing fears, fear of making a commitment, or not doing what you should, of committing to achieving a goal and still failing. It can also work to reveal fears that a person didn't realise they had

Chrysocolla is used to balance the masculine and feminine (or yin and yang) energies. It is often used in meditations and ceremonies intended for planetary healing. It is also to promote the qualities of patience, compassion and forgiveness.

Citrine is the gem which is said to relate most directly to personal power. Often used for meditation. It may be combined with rutilated quartz, to accelerate the rate at which dreams are manifest

Hematite is often known as a "grounding" stone. It used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge. It can be used to stimulate the desire for peace, self control, and inner happiness. For the physical body hematite can help it to remain cool and bring down fevers. It has also been used for cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders, insomnia, spinal alignment and in the proper healing of breaks and fractures. It has also been used by smokers to reduce their nicotine intake.

Lapis Lazuli is believed by some to be the stone upon which were carved the laws given to Moses. Through the ages it has frequently been used to make powerful amulets. In the physical body Lapis Lazuli is believed to prevent fits and epilepsy and help improve eyesight.

Larimar has been used to enable a person to be deeply rooted in their own soul essence and peacefully communicate that essence to others.

Lepidolite comes in a range of colours from lavender to soft pink. It has been used to calm and relax whilst gently easing intensity of feelings, stress, mood swings, depression, manic-depression, self-criticism, anxiety, addictions, and worrying. It is used when working with the brow Chakra. It is a fragile gem and should never be cleansed with salt water.

Malachite has been used in the treatment of asthma, toothache and rheumatism, also to regularise menstrualtion and improve eyesighe. Malachite can be carried to gain a sense of positivity which amplifies aspirations, dreams, health and happiness. Malachite is said to attract material benefits and brings great prosperity.

Pietersite has been called the stone of change. Physically, it can be used to stimulate the pituitary gland to provide the proper regulation of the other endocrine glands and to produce, in the hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, and body temperature. When working with the chakra's Pietersite is used on the solar plexus chakra.

Rose Quartz known as the stone of self-love. A very healing stone for soothing internal wounds, bitterness and sorrows. It projects forgiveness, love and friendship. It opens up the heart to inner peace and self-recognition. It is also one of the best stones for the treatment of migraines and headaches. Rose quartz may be used when working with the heart chakra.

Sodalite has been used to balance the throat and third eye chakras. This stone is believed to be good for digestive problems, insomnia and calcium deficiences. As the trust stone it is used to promote the growth of trust and self-esteem.

Sugilite is a stone which is used to help to release guilt. A stone to be used when someone find themself constantly saying or thinking, should, must or ought to.

Nowadays I have learned to cite my sources, however this was written so long ago that I no longer remember where it came from, some was from internet sources, some my crystal books. Some just from talking with friends

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