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My Family

From a very young age I retreated from a life I disliked into a world of fantasy. Misunderstanding the myth of the changelings I imagined myself a faerie child who would one day be reclaimed by my real faerie parents.

I searched the bottom of the garden, the local woods and fields, imagining that if I lay still enough I would see my faerie kin. And sometimes as I lay in the grass very still I would think I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, a vision which dissappeared even as I focussed on it. Sometimes even now I seem to catch a glimpse of something that is almost there.

Thus began a love of faeries that would stay with me, the faeries of my dreams are a cross between the faeries of ancient myths and the fairy's of childrens tales, they were slim, and elegant and beautifull much as I imagine the elves of Lorien to be.

Over the next few pages I would like to share a little with you about faeries, their origins, and some faerie tales that I wrote.

This group is no longer functioning but I liked the image I made so it remains here

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