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Crystals and Me

Crystals and Me

my crystalsI have always been attracted to crystals, their pretty shapes, their colours, and the feel of the energy flowing through them.

I have a particular affinity with amethyst, my favourite stone, and one of the few gems that I prefer in it's natural rather than polished form.

It wasn't until I was doing a course in hypnotherapy a couple of decades ago that I became interested in crystals healing properties.

Initially I used other people's suggestions for which crystals to use for individual conditions, then over time I moved on to using the colours of crystals to decide which crystals to use. Eventually I learned to listen to my intuition and the energy flowing through my body and I found that I only needed to use two crystals. Amethyst for keeping the energy in my working places clean and occasionally a clear quartz point for healing though more often now I work directly with energy rather than using a crystal

I still love crystals and choose to keep several amethyst clusters where I can see them and gain pleasure from having them around and connecting with them even though I work with them far less.

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