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General Crystal Information

Buying Crystals - How to Choose

Possibly one of the best ways of choosing a crystal is listening to the voice of your intuition. Sometimes a stone seems to call to you, you just know it is the right one or cannot resist buying it on impulse.

At other times you may be looking for a crystal for a particular purpose and if no stone instantly calls to you it is time to start feeling the energy of the crystals. Pass your hand over a tray of stones or handle stones individually feeling for warmth or tingling, often the stone that produces the strongest sensation is the one for you. However, if the sensation feels unpleasant, prickly or jarring it might be better to choose one that feels smoother or more comfortable.

Preparing your Crystals

The best way to prepare your crystal is to get to know it. To hold it, look at it, admire it, feel it, carry it around or even sleep with it under your pillow for a few days. I often wore crystals on my person whilst getting to know them, either in a pocket or inside my clothing making direct contact with the skin.

Crystals can also be charged, by being left in a garden or on a windowsill to absorb moon energy and sun energy

Some people believe that each crystal should only be used for one purposed and that it can be willed or dedicated to the work by concentrating on the desired purpose or dedicated with a simple cermony. For example lighting a candle, holding the stone in your cupped hands and asking it to help you in the purpose you have chosen it for.

Personally I find that when I am working with crystals I am just as happy to use the same crystal for many purposes. In fact I generally only work with just a few crystals.

Using your Crystals

Crystals can be used in many ways. I would suggest using the way that feels "right" to you.

Crystals can be placed in a room, worn on the person, or put by your bed. They can be placed directly over the appropriate chakra and meditated upon or worn or carried as a talisman.

Some people prefer to use crystal elixers in the belief that the property of the crystal is transferred to the elixer. Such elixers can be made by putting hard smooth stones in a glass tumbler, jar or bottle, and filling it with enough bottled water to completely cover the stone. The jar is then covered to prevent contamination and placed in sunlight or moonlight and steeped between one minute and 12 hours, the longer the seeping time the stronger the elixer. The elixer is then strained from the stone. Alternatively the elixer can be made with distilled water and mixed with equal quantity of brandy to make a tincture.

Stones which may be used in essences include red carnelian, red jasper, malachite, aventurine, rumble polished rock crystal, moonstone, milky quartz, citrine, rutilated quartz, rock-crystal egg, chrysoprase, peridot, snowflake obsidian, moss agate, sodalite, turquoise, hematite, amethyst, lepidolite, chrysocolla, aquamarine, tourmaline, malachite, garnet, rhodocrosite, aventurine, star sapphire, apatite, smoky quatrz, nephrite jade, blue lace agate, amber, azurite, epidote, diamond, tanzanite, rose quartz, moonstone, citrine, bloodstone, sapphire, or lapis lazuli.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Many people believe that crystals need to be cleansed. It is my belief that on the whole crystals can be self cleansing but it does them no harm to be cleansed. Common ways of cleansing crystals are with the elements (earth, air, fire and water), with sunlight or moonlight, with salt, or with other crystals.

The easiest way to cleanse with an element is to immerse the crystal in the element or pass it through it. For example, burying it in the eart, passing it through incense or candle flame, immersing in still water or holding under running water.

Cleansing with Sunlight or Moonlight is generally done by leaving the crystal outside or on a window ledge exposing it to the sun or moon for several days, or several hours if you only want either Sunlight or Moonlight rather than both. Rest the crustal in a rock crystal cluster, or amongs a collection of small crystals for several hours.

Cleansing with Salt can be done by sprinkling salt over the crystal, immersing the crystal in a solution of water and salt or simply leaving it in a bowl of salt for a period.

Once again I would say let your intuition guide you as to how frequently or infrequently you cleanse your crystals and which method to use.

Divining with Crystals

Any smallish rock or wand can be used for crystal dowsing. The crystal can be attached to a thread, I prefer to wrap or glue rather than making a hole through stone, or even enclosed in a small wire cage. Or it could be suspended from a thread in a small pouch.

The pendulum should be held loosely so that it can move freely. A good way to hold the pendulum is to hold the thread in the palm of your left hand using your thumb and all the fingers except the forefinger. Crook the forefinger then hook the thread over the top secion. This allows the pendulum to move freely but prevents the thread from slipping.

For simple yes or no divininy you will need to interpret the pendulums movement before you start. Ask simple questions which have a yes or no answer e.g. am I male, am I female. Repeat this process for several different questions to each time you use the pendulum to ensure consistent direction of movements.

divination chartAnother way to use the pendulum for divining is to do it over a chart such as the one illustrated or put individual choices on cards and then lay them out in a circle, holding the pendulum over the middle of the circle, and watch to see which card or area of the chard the pendulum swings toward

The pendulum is a valuable tool for contacting your subconscious mind, for reaching your innermost thoughts, beliefs and emotions which may not be obvious to the conscious mind. Be aware though that when used for self-discovery and guidance, the pendulum may well reflect what you truly believe rather than necessarrily objective truth.

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