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Aura's and Me

I remember when I first became aware of seeing somebody else's aura. I was at a lecture about spiritual healing, I was very interested but slightly tired and as my focus softened I became aware of a blur around the lecturers head, after a while it developed a predominantly blue colour.

We also did a series of exercises on feeling aura's first our own, and then other people's. I had a very wide aura and reacted with extreme discomfort to somebody else bringing their hands within my auric field. I felt invaded, and this struck chords with my need to hide behind a mask letting very few people see past the mask to the real me hiding behind. A need which I am slowly outgrowing.

One of the ladies in my class also told me how they used to visualise wrapping their aura's in barbed wire when they were going into crowded places and this gave them a measure of space. Now as I hate people invading my personal space and had to make a crowded train journey home I decided to try this. Before I entered the train station I closed my eyes and visualised surrounding my aura with a shield of barbed wire. The effect was magic, on the crowded platform and even when the train arrived and people were heaving forward to board it nobody came within a foot of me.

This days events sparked an interest in me and I had to find out a little more about Aura's. The following two pages share with you the technique I use to read Aura's and the significance of auric colours.

I find my ability to see Aura's fluctuates, if I'm feeling under the weather I might not see any aura's at all. If I'm a little tired or have eyestrain I am far more aware of aura's. Sometimes nowadays, I get a sense, a feeling of the colour of someone's aura far more strongly than I actually visualise it.

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